Criminal Justice

Community Criminal Justice

The Drug Interventions Programme [DIP] is a part of the UK Government’s strategy for engaging substance misusing offenders into drug treatment.

The Ealing DIP team comprises of the following:

  • DIP Recovery Team
  • Integrated Offender Management
  • Restriction on Bail

The three units work in unison to offer a route into treatment for substance misusing offenders currently involved in the Criminal Justice System. DIP offers the following services:

  • Assessment
  • Rapid Prescribing for Opiate use
  • 1 – 1 Key work sessions
  • Referral to ETE, housing etc

The DIP Recovery Team

is primarily based in Police Custody suites. We conduct assessments for individuals who test positive for Class A substances [Opiates and Cocaine] whilst in police custody. This is referred to as Initial Assessment. A further Follow-Up Assessment to attend in the community is also booked at this stage. These assessments are in accordance with the Drugs Act 2005. Making this service available to individuals at the arrest stage means we are able to tap into potential motivation to address drug use, as an arrest can often be a wake up call for individuals using substances. For hard-to-reach clients, an arrest may be the only time they come into initial contact with the DIP service to get support, advice and guidance around substances.

The Integrated Offender Management (IOM/PPO)

scheme targets offenders who have been recognised as being the most prolific and high risk offenders in the Ealing Borough. The team consists of an IOM Drugs Worker, Probation, Police, Housing and ETE Team (Education, Training and Employment). The purpose of this scheme is to provide additional support to this client group by monitoring engagement closely and providing a well knit support package to them to minimise chances of reoffending.

Restriction on Bail,

referred to as RoB, is the name given to a specific bail condition which can be imposed on individuals by Criminal Justice Courts. The RoB condition legally compels those on Court bail to attend all appointments as directed by drug treatment agencies. To be eligible for the bail condition, an individual must be 18 or over, have tested positive for Class A drugs upon arrest, and be appearing for an offence which the Court feels is drug use related. The DIP Team’s RoB Coordinator is based at Court premises and acts as an advisor to Judges and Magistrates on drug treatment, drug use and related offending. The RoB Coordinator also liaises with treatment services during bail periods to monitor the engagement of those subject to the condition. Treatment progress, whether good or bad, is relayed to the Court by the Coordinator at any future hearings. Failure to attend RoB treatment appointments whilst on Court bail, may lead to an individual being arrested and having their bail revoked, leaving them remanded in prison custody.