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    Worried about drugs or alcohol?

    Ealing RISE can help you make change.
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    How much is too much?

    Take our anonymous online alcohol audit and we will tell you.
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    Drinking or drug use in pregnancy?

    Daily drinking in pregnancy is ‘not safe’ find out the facts.
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    Foundations of Recovery

    To raise the overall quality of life and actualise the full potential of individuals in treatment

Welcome to Recovery Intervention Service Ealing

RISE offers a pathway to recovery for adults challenged by the use of drugs and/or alcohol. We provide a range of intensive community based support, treatment and rehabilitation services that are designed to meet individual needs and support the family and friends of the service user.

The service is free and confidential and available to anyone 18 or over who lives, or is registered with a GP, in Ealing. RISE has a number of hubs throughout the borough.

Please contact RISE on 0800 195 8100 for more details.

Our workers come from a multi-disciplinary background and we employ; nurses, recovery workers, doctors and counsellors. We also run a volunteer and a peer mentor program.

Recovery for adults