RISE Social Club


Who we are

The RISE Social Club is a social space for people in recovery and is run by volunteers in recovery. The purpose of the club is to give a social space that caters for the social needs of people in recovery who are trying to avoid the pressures of drink and drugs that are found in many social situations. It offers a range of opportunities for people to support each other and develop personally and socially in a safe place where they can adjust to life without drugs & alcohol.

Our Aims

It is hoped the outcome of the service will be that service users / volunteers will be able to sustain abstinence, rediscover skills, and regain a sense of achievement whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. It is hoped the RISE Social Club will give service users a supportive atmosphere and the company of people who understand how hard it can be to battle with addiction as have been there themselves.

The RISE Social Club provides a social space for people to access a range of activities that will enable people to sustain abstinence, rediscover skills, get a sense of achievement and build confidence. It is hoped that the recovery café will bring a social awareness and a positive representation of people in recovery in the community.

What we offer

The  Social Club runs alongside the current services provided within the RISE partnership. The RISE  Social Club gives service users add on structure to their treatment and recovery and a form of aftercare once their treatment is complete. The service helps support people in their recovery with a range of activities and support groups.

For people in recovery the club will increase their social contact, help develop social networks and the peer support between each other will help people overcome the challenges of sustaining abstinence and rebuilding their lives. The Social Club hopes to give people an opportunity to make new friends, begin to build alternative social networks and offer recovery activities that provide a sense of acceptance and belonging as well as an opportunity to practice new social skills. Part of the rehabilitation process is to help people not only to overcome their addiction but also to help and support them as they move back into society.

The  Social Club will also run workshops on basic life skills such as budgeting, food and nutrition, education, training and employment, building and maintaining healthy relationships.


At present the  Social Club is open.  Mon, Thurs, Fri 10 – 3pm, Sat 11 – 3pm, Sun 12 – 4pm.