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Who we are

Intuitive Thinking Skills is a national PEER LED organisation that has grown rapidly throughout the UK since 2005. Our company and programmes were established and developed from the personal experiences of its Directors. Intuitive Recovery is commissioned to work alongside existing treatment, recovery, criminal justice and work program providers in areas across England & Wales with many more now recognising the contribution we make to successful and sustained outcomes. Our message is simple “WE’VE BEEN THERE AND GOT THE T-SHIRT” and truly understand how people change.

Intuitive Thinking Skills enables people, including those currently in long term drug and alcohol treatment to achieve abstinence through independent action. Our work provides people with the KNOWLEDGE about their problems to give them the POWER enabling them to take CONTROL of their lives and destiny. This is achieved through education challenging common attitudes, language and beliefs that reinforce and justify helplessness. This gives people the knowledge and ability to make simple life changing decisions.

Central to our work is the belief is that every person has the ability and yearning to change their lives and circumstances. At Intuitive Recovery we encourage, promote and support personal responsibility empowering people to fulfil their ambitions.


Intuitive Thinking Skills are delivering the following in Ealing:


Intuitive Thinking Skills

is an accredited education programme that actively promotes abstinence as achievable and easy to maintain. The course, delivered over four 2 ½ hour sessions, teaches the basic science of addiction and addictive desire, provides people with skills and tools to recognise and control their addictive desires, and to understand the consequences and to take responsibility for their choices and behaviours.


Project Exodus

provides up to 26 weeks of interventions to enable people with long term problematic substance use, criminal justice association and treatment to overcome their problems, detox safely and successfully move on from treatment to get on with the rest of their lives.

Exodus utilises a self-recovery approach incorporating the Intuitive Recovery educational course that is delivered in collaboration with the local specialist or primary care prescribing service and other services to unleash each person’s potential.

Exodus poses a simple question to those in treatment:-

Skills-Tu Employment

Skills-Tu Employment

is a newly developed employment focused educational course designed to skill people into employment. Essentially our message is very simple and a continuation of a very practical theme of personal “Respons-ability”. Delivered in a classroom setting, Skills-Tu Employment delivers two separate qualifications (Work, Review and Plan (Level 1, 3 credits) and Job seeking skills (Level 1, 3 credits) over a short yet intensive period. Further follow up sessions ensure each learner is adequately performance managed via sensible and challenging targets set during classroom time. Referrals can be taken from anywhere within the local partnership.