Community Update – Anti-Social Behaviour/Street Drinking

Community Update: we would like to acknowledge and express our concerns regarding the anti-social behaviour that often occurs in the vicinity near The RISE building on St. James Avenue and the surrounding streets.   We are aware of some of the activity that is happening and the consequences that this is having on residents and businesses. 


Whilst some activity takes place outside the RISE office we are also aware of anti-social behaviour occurring in certain hotspots between Dean Gardens and the Hanwell Clock Tower. The individuals who partake in this anti-social behaviour are not always RISE clients although we also recognise that some of the people do attend the service for treatment.   We are 100% committed to work alongside partnership agencies such as the Police and Safer Communities Team to address this type of behaviour and are in the process of organising a community event whereby residents and local businesses will be invited to discuss this matter and raise any questions you may have for the partnership.   In the meantime, please be assured we are actively working on a daily basis to reduce this behaviour.