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Volunteering at RISE, London

Volunteering at RISE

Volunteering with RISE provides work experience for people interested in a career in social care and also offers an opportunity for people with time on their hands to make a personal contribution to their local community. Whatever the reason, volunteering benefits you, service users and RISE.

Volunteers work across all of our services, bringing a range of skills that enable RISE to support more people and provide additional services. Many of our volunteers receive specially designed training and all volunteers are fully inducted and supported to deliver their roles. Find out more about what it’s like to volunteer with RISE by downloading our volunteer handbook.

Volunteer opportunities include supporting our client and visitor reception, data analysis, administration, counselling, running groups, supporting service users on a 1:1 basis and providing behind the scenes support for RISE. We’re also keen to hear from anyone with ideas for roles we’re not currently offering.  You can find out about current volunteering opportunities here.


Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors are a type of volunteer who use their own experience of service to provide support and advocacy for current service users. Peer mentors are stable,former service users. Our training and placements provide opportunities for personal development and growth and provide career pathways for individuals with a history of substance misuse and criminal behaviour.

Peer mentors are trained to support new and former service users as they try to overcome addiction and make changes in their lives. Peer mentors provide a positive role model and active support for others just starting out in their road to recovery, helping individuals to consider their options and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Peer mentors are not care coordinators, rather they help individuals to consider their options and guide them through the process of making decisions. Their key role is to provide information and help service users to explore the implications of various choices.

RISE’s peer mentoring programme was recently awarded Approved Provider Standard (APS) by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation. The APS is a badge of excellence for mentoring projects, demonstrating that we’ve achieved minimum standards across a whole range of requirements. To find out more, visit the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation website.

The application process for peer mentoring is slightly different to that of our other volunteering roles.  Information packs can be downloaded here or obtained in any of our services or through your care coordinator.


Contact us

Some volunteering opportunities in the RISE partnership have a specific application process and lead contact. Please check the current volunteering opportunities page for more details on this.

For more information on any other aspect of volunteering at RISE, contact the RISE Volunteering and Peer Mentoring Coordination Team on 020 8567 4772 or at ealing.volunteering@cgl.org.uk

Volunteer and Peer Mentor Coordinator: Hazel Tulloch


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